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Richard Ardoin
Dec. 1, 2014

Being involved in an accident with a truck can cause fallout in many areas of your life. One step you might take is deciding to hire a truck accident lawyer in Houston. This would be an important decision to make, so there are many factors to weigh and questions to ask so you feel that you are making the right choice for you.

Hiring a Texas truck accident attorney is similar to choosing any sort of professional. You will want someone you can work with to reach your goals. There are several issues you might want to look into so that you can find a lawyer you feel comfortable working with.

  1. Find out about their credentials. Check out how much experience they have, where they went to school, and how they rate professionally. There are several ratings sites online that you can check.

  2. Check their results in past cases. This will show you how successful this lawyer has been in similar cases.

  3. Find out how other people feel about working with this car accident lawyer in Houston. You can look at consumer review sites online. You can also ask the lawyer for information so you can contact former clients and talk to them in person.

  4. It can be important to meet with your prospective lawyer. That way you’ll know if you can communicate well with each other. You’ll also get a feel for the person you would be working with and could weigh if the lawyer is willing and ready to take your case.

  5. You might look at the size of the lawyer’s firm. Is it a firm that specializes in the services that you need? Does it have the experts and resources needed to give your case the attention you believe it deserves? Is the attorney you meet with going to handle your case personally? Does this lawyer have a team that can handle various aspects of the case, such as investigating the accident and the trucking company involved?

  6. Find out how the fees are paid. Will you have to pay anything if you lose your case? What will be the payment structure if you win your case? Besides your lawyer’s fee, there could be other expenses, such as court and investigation costs. How will those be handled?

  7. Discuss if your lawyer is willing to go to court and fight for you if there is no settlement. Also, ask if your lawyer offers a free consultation. Are they willing to discuss your specific case and suggest the ways they would help you to get the best results?

If you have been in an accident involving a truck, you will face many decisions. If you decide to hire a truck accident lawyer, these are some of the questions to ask so you can choose the lawyer who is right for you.