How A Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Auto accidents involving 18 wheelers are often devastating. Still, even after the most serious accidents, some victims are reluctant to seek legal help or pursue compensation. If you've been hurt in one of these accidents, you should strongly consider working with an attorney. A Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer can greatly improve the likelihood of a favorable outcome by doing the following things.

Uncovering Company Negligence

Accidents involving 18 wheelers are distinct from other accidents because you are holding the whole company liable, rather than just the driver. You may receive more compensation if you can establish systematic negligence on the part of the company.

Numerous federal regulations govern the way trucking companies operate. These regulations address hiring practice, insurance coverage, hours worked, and more. Violations may significantly affect your case. For example, if your accident involved a driver who violated hours-of-service regulations, which mandate break lengths and limit hours driven, you may be entitled to greater compensation. An accident lawyer will be familiar with these regulations and capable of conducting an investigation to determine whether violations occurred.

Addressing Long-Term Losses

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that large trucks weigh 20 to 30 times what passenger vehicles do, which means truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries. You may have sustained serious injuries with permanent, life-changing consequences. Unfortunately, securing compensation for the long-term effects of your injuries can be challenging. Your lawyer can help you evaluate the future costs of the injuries, which may include:

  • Ongoing medical or rehabilitative expenses
  • Diminished ability to work and resulting wage loss
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Disfigurement

Then your traffic accident attorney can help you pursue fair compensation for those losses.

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