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Richard Ardoin
April 1, 2016

Car accidents in the Houston area have been on the rise, especially those related to drunk drivers. In a recent two-week period, the number of people left dead by these type of accidents has climbed into the double digits, leading some to characterize the streets as a kill zone.

Many of these recent cases involve drunk drivers. In most, the impaired driver was going the wrong way. In Houston, alone, there have been more than 1,000 accidents over the past five years that involved wrong way crashes. If you have been injured as a result of a car crash in the greater Houston area, whether involving a drunken driver or not, you should consult with a Houston car crash lawyer to assess your case.

In cases involving DWI drivers, the impaired driver often ends up walking away from the accidents with only minor injuries, while leaving their victims seriously injured or dead. Although driver responsibility laws have managed to reduce the number of deaths from drunk drivers nationwide, recidivism is still a problem. Your Houston auto accident lawyer can find out whether the driver in your case has prior DWI convictions.

Troubling results in a study conducted by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Abuse indicate that despite increased penalties, many of these drivers are multiple offenders who continue to drink and drive. Impaired judgment often results in these individuals going the wrong way on a street, running red lights and making other poor judgments. It is a prime objective of every Houston auto accident lawyer to get these individuals off the road and keep them off the road until they have their abuse under control.

The determination as to whether an individual is too intoxicated to safely operate a vehicle is based on blood alcohol content (BAC). However, in the case of minors, Texas has a zero tolerance policy and no amount of alcohol is considered safe for any driver under 21. Accident lawyers in Houston are in agreement with these policies.

No matter what the cause of your auto injury, you should attempt to find a Houston car crash lawyer who specializes in handling auto accident cases. Your attorney will collect the necessary information and be able to advise you how best to pursue legal action.