An 18-wheeler Accident Lawyer Will Look Out For You

Large trucks drive millions of miles safely each year, often without incident. But if you or a family member has been the victim of an 18-wheeler accident, the result can be devastating. Passenger vehicles are no match for the size of these huge trucks, so an accident often results in a totaled vehicle, severe injuries and even death. You may suffer from ongoing pain, incur large medical bills and be unable to work.

Whether the accident was your fault or that of the truck driver, it’s important to protect your rights by hiring an 18-wheeler accident lawyer Houston. 

An attorney may be able to investigate the following issues to see if any apply to your case:

Driver Fatigue

Commercial truck drivers must adhere to laws that limit the amount of hours they can spend behind the wheel. These are very specific regulations that dictate how many hours they can drive in a 24-hour period and how long they can drive without a break. Truck drivers are required to keep a log of their activities, so this information can be checked.


An 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Houston can investigate the scene of the accident and examine vehicles to help develop your case. Expert witnesses can attest to the approximate speed of both vehicles.

Drugs or Alcohol

Trucking companies have to regularly test drivers for drug and alcohol use. A Houston lawyer can check to make sure this was done and what the results were. He or she can also question the driver about the use of any substances that may have affected his or her ability to safely drive. Medication can often cause side-effects like sleepiness or drowsiness.

Truck Load and Maintenance

Was the truck regularly and appropriately serviced and maintained? If not, it may not have been safe to drive, and lack of proper maintenance may have caused or contributed to the accident.

Trucks must also follow weight limits for the loads they carry. If the truck exceeded these limits, that may also have contributed to the accident.

Seeking the best legal representation is very important if you have been involved in an accident. An 18-wheeler accident lawyer can make sure that you have professional representation to ensure your interests are protected. The other driver and insurance company will look out for themselves, so you’ll need someone to look out for you.

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